News and Upcoming Events: August 2018 update​s:

On September 1, 2018, Brighthorse Books will release The Night Horse: New and Selected Poems.

Upcoming readings by William Reichard:

Wednesday, Nov. 7, 7:00pm: 
Birchbark Books, Minneapolis

Monday, Nov. 12, 7:00pm:
Quatrifoil Library, Minneapolis

Tuesday, Dec. 18, 7:30pm:

University Club, Summit Avenue, Saint Paul

Two Men Rowing Madly Toward Infinity is reviewed by Emily Marie Buehler in The Corresponder: Fan Letter on Minnesota Writers (Fall 2016.)

Two Men Rowing Madly Toward Infinity is review by Walter R. Holland in the Lambda Literary Review

​​Two Men Rowing Madly Toward Infinityis featured on Small Press Distribution Recommends 07/14/2016:

Reichard's chapbook, As Breath in Winter, was released by MIEL Books in June 2015. You may order copies at:


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Watershed Review  (

Published by Brighthorse Books in September 2018

The Night Horse: New and Selected Poems

This volume pulls together work from Reichard's first five collections of poetry, and offers a substantial selection of new work.

In 2017, Mid-List Press closed, and Reichard's collections How To (2004), This Brightness (2007) and Sin Eater (2010) were no longer in print. The Night Horse: New and Selected Poems, features work from these out-of-print collections, in addition to work from Reichard's first collection, An Alchemy in the Bones (1999) and his most recent collection, Two Men Rowing Madly Toward Infinity (2016).