Published by Brighthorse Books in September 2018

The Night Horse: New and Selected Poems

This volume pulls together work from Reichard's first five collections of poetry, and offers a substantial selection of new work.

In 2017, Mid-List Press closed, and Reichard's collections How To (2004), This Brightness (2007) and Sin Eater (2010) were no longer in print. The Night Horse: New and Selected Poems, features work from these out-of-print collections, in addition to work from Reichard's first collection, An Alchemy in the Bones (1999) and his most recent collection, Two Men Rowing Madly Toward Infinity (2016). 


Two Men Rowing Madly Toward Infinity is reviewed by Emily Marie Buehler in The Corresponder: Fan Letter on Minnesota Writers (Fall 2016.)

Two Men Rowing Madly Toward Infinity is review by Walter R. Holland in the Lambda Literary Review

​​Two Men Rowing Madly Toward Infinityis featured on Small Press Distribution Recommends 07/14/2016:

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